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C-Suite Friday Poll: How are you balancing work, family, career or your business?

Women have a changing role today and it’s hectic to keep up with. Often times it seems as though pulling out the roller skates would be a useful tool to keep up with the many roles, responsibilities and tasks.

I’m told “women should find time for self and it’s important to take charge of goals,” and never settle yet it’s not that easy or is it?

I’m reaching out to other women to determine if you feel this way and asking for tips to share with others on how to balance work, family, career or businesses in this hectic 21th century.


Want More Freedom, Flexibility & Income

Do you want more freedom, flexibility and more income?  I did and I have learned that 90% of the mommy’s I share my time, thoughts and ideas with want more of these too! 

More freedom brings time for us to share with our children who need us so much especially when they are younger.  Bonding is important and having the freedom to do things at your own pace is priceless!  Do you agree?

I am sure that you will agree that having more flexibility is not a luxury but a requirement while raising our children.  The demanding school schedules, the drop offs and pick ups, homework, extracurricular activities along with the bedtime stories all take time and require plently of flexibility.  Would you agree?

Of course, I cannot go without mentioning the last factor which is more income.  Who doesn’t need more money?  I do and many of the mommy’s I help plan and coach into motherhood or keep organized through my project managment techniques have a unique money story or situation.  So, there is no question, more income is a factor for many of us.  Mommy’s in the planning stage are saving for the baby; mommy’s after the baby are budgeting for the children and mommy’s of older children are planning for their future.  Would you agree?

Freedom, flexibility and income is ours for the taking if we are courageous enough to seize it.  Would you agree?

Happy New Year

This is going to be your best year ever in  2011.  Would you agree?

One of my students asked me “Professor do your New Year resolutions include?”   
Getting a new start   
Setting yourself apart   
Making life easier   
Reinventing yourself   
Increasing productivity

Making more money   
Taking your business/ organization/profession/career to another level  

Becoming part of a winning team?   
I shared that since I was already on the right team, my only goal was to continue getting better atbalancing my family, health and business because these are the core concerns for me.  What are yours?  What really matters this year?  Well, I actually share with you how I am doing it all in my book, The Balancing Act:  A Mommy’s 8 Step Guide to Raising Children While Birthing a Business and in my most recent Book:  The Balancing Act II, Your Game Plan for Doing it All!  Have you picked up your copy?  If you have not picked up a copy for you, your friends, family or coworkers, you should.  Here is how, call (212) 292-5127 or email me at and order yours today.