Networking Works

Networking Works

I learned a very important lesson these past few days.  The lesson learned is that everybody networks and networking really works. This lesson played itself out over the last few days as I experienced literally the fruits of my labor explode.  Over the last couple of days I have felt like pulling out the roller skates to keep up with the calls, appointments and commitments.

What are your thoughts regarding networking?  What strategies do you utilize to make connections, meet new people or stay in touch?  One great forum for networking, just in case you do not have time to run around the city is

Check it out and let me know what you are thinking!


Time Management

Time Management

I am looking forward to a marvelous Monday.  I realize that it will be busy, but with the right planning today – everything will get done that needs to be completed , and might I add, without the stress that comes from the lack of a clear cut planning.  Sunday’s are always a great day to reflect, rest and plan.

What’s your plan on how you will tackle the week ahead? 

Invest In You

Invest In You

Do you designate any time daily to think about your future, or doing the things you want to do?  Often times we’re meeting the demands of the job, school, or family, and neglect ourselves.  This is common for many of us today.  I feel the need to make sure everything is perfect which means cleaning the house, cleaning the car, running chores for the entire family, preparing meals, feeding the pets, and everything else that goes with living. 

Although I did not mind doing what needed to done, I felt exhausted after doing everything for everybody,  and even worse, I realized that I continually neglected myself, and the sports, activities and things that are good for me.  Have you ever been sandwiched, and felt as if the great escape wasn’t close enough?

Soon I found that investing in me had to be first on my list with all other things following.  It’s not easy to prioritize, but a real necessity since I realized that when I have those high-energy moments each day that they should be spent doing things important to me. 

Since I changed my approach to handling the demands of life, and started focusing on those things that I love doing, I have eliminated the guilt of neglecting me because of focusing on pleasing others, and now I actually get more things done that I really need to do.  I’ll admit that watching the shows on the Living Well Network, provide me with helpful tips that save me time, money.

Now I feel great!  How about you?  Are you going to rearrange your priorities and start investing in you?

Freedom @Work…

Freedom @Work…

Freedom @Work is a gift!  Imagine what it would be like to have a employer that is easy to talk with, and one which understands your commitment to finish the work: just on your own timeline!  One may argue that Freedom @Work could be vital for creativity, and an incentive to attract the best talent.

One may also argue that in today’s high-tech world full of various gadgets, phones, and connections that there is not a real need to work inside the office!  There are many corporations which have set-their employees up at home with computer systems, telephones,  and goals that are regularly monitored.

What do you think?  Freedom @Work is what you make of it!  I would argue that whatever it is that you want or need from work; you should ask for to maintain a stress”less” lifestyle.  I would also encourage you to explore your options and be your own cheerleader to spark your creativity and Freedom @Work.

Praising Flexibility

Praising Flexibility

Life is so wonderful this morning.  I am sitting at my computer again for the first time in many months writing again!  The last few months I moved away from what was important to me, and although I was productive and happy:  my time was not always spent doing the things I love.

Have you ever been torn between pressing commitments?  Do you know what it is like to have to make important life decisions when there are pressing time constraints?  When was the last time you just decided to simply create your schedule around your schedule and let all the rest work itself out?

Today is the day I have decided to do what I love regardless of the situation.  No stress here!  I encourage all of my readers to praise flexibility today, because we can have it, and accomplish what we want, when we want it, if we create it!  Writing is my love, and I am back in a place where I want to write again because of the options I have created.

What are your next steps? 

Moms-for-Profit and Daughters of Inspiration Collaborate to Empower Tri-State Area Women







For Immediate Release

Moms-for-Profit and Daughters of Inspiration Collaborate to Empower Tri-State Area Women

 Left to Right, Valerie Samuel, CEO and Founder of Moms-For-Profit, Carol Cunningham, President of Daughters of Inspiration, and DOI members Felecia Scott, Karen Terry, Lisa Cousins, Gina Roseboro and Linda Sherrod. [Photo by Airell Frasier]


(MT. VERNON, NEW YORK- January 19, 2013):  The Daughters of Inspiration (DOI)), a Mt. Vernon, NY based Women’s Organization lead by President, Carol Cunningham, is a group dedicated to community affairs. Their latest event held at 40 E. Sydney Avenue, Mt. Vernon, New York welcomed Valerie Samuel, Founder of Moms-For-Profit  (MFP) on Saturday, January 19, 2013 – and  empowered 22 women ranging in age from 21 through 66 with the top three money management and budgeting skills necessary for their future and retirement by telling a story based on her experience with a umbrella. “2013 is a new year, and a new opportunity for women to achieve and realize their dreams”, says Samuel, and the forum has been designed to help women discover and explore ways to become financially self-sufficient.”


Topics explored during the two hour forum were smart goal setting tips, budgeting for needs vs. wants, paying off debt, tracking expenses, investing for tomorrow, planning for retirement, and the cultivation of entrepreneurship. Immediately following the session, savvy women mentors were offered to each attendee wanting to start the 2013 New Year in a new way.


Moms-for-Profit has complimentary copies of Money Management Strategies for Women requesting via the website contact us tab.   Media Packets are available for Press. For more information, contact Moms for Profit founder Valerie Samuel at 212-292-5127 or e-mail



Candid Conversations with Extraordinary Women doing Exceptonal Work

Candid Conversations with Extraordinary Women doing Exceptonal Work


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