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Moms For Profit Founder, Entrepreneurship Workshops Highlight CUNY Hunter’s Summer Seminars

Manhattan, N.Y. – Workshops on small business lending, customer service, and turning hobbies into businesses and remarks from Moms For Profit founder Valerie Samuel are among the top draws planned for the Summer Months in New York.

Every year CUNY Hunter offers outstanding business seminars and this year is no exception. Local business and civic leaders will be asked to attend the seminar offerings presented by Valerie Samuel to share experiences, programs, and opportunities.

If you are ready to turn your dreams into reality, or add some spark to your existing services – you’ll want to bring a friend, or your team – and register now! I look forward to meeting you. Here is a listing of the seminars:

July 9th 2014, 5.30pm – 9.30pm

Everyone in your organization touches customers. This seminar provides behavior-changing tools that may help retain customers, and helps managers and everyone in your organization better at working with customers by practicing skill building techniques in the areas of inspiring people, managing feedback, measuring service, and recognizing excellence.

Attendees will:
1. Learn how to master appropriate internal and external email communication.
2. Learn how to develop a professional and pleasant tone of voice skills for managing calls,
asking callers to hold, transferring calls, and taking messages.
3. Learn how to provide totally outrageous customer services to delight and retain in customers.
4. Learn how to get positive word-of-mouth referrals and how to bring your customers back.
5. Learn how to increase sales.
6. Learn how to stop losing customers and how to improve your company image.
7. Learn how to increase staff morale and how to decrease turnover.

July 2nd, 2014, 5.30pm – 9.30pm

This seminar helps business owners prepare their businesses for funding, consider the right investor(s), understand lending criteria, provides an overview of Governor Cuomo’s Start-Up New York Tax-Free Initiative for new and expanding businesses, and assists businesses with crafting the perfect loan package based on the funding source.

Attendees will:
1. Learn how to utilize credit to grow your business.
2. Learn who is eligible for the Start-Up NY initiative.
3. Learn about EB-5 Investors: Project Financing for U.S. Developers and Businesses.
4. Discover five surprising tips to help with compiling, tracking, and analyzing financials.
5. Learn about the Small Business Administration (SBA) changes to the 504 Program.
6. Experience pitching ideas in front of their peers to sharpen presentation skills.

June 25th 2014, 5.30pm – 9.30pm

I have an idea- now what? This seminar is for those who have an idea that they want to turn into a business. Ideal attendees are stay at home moms who want to earn some extra income, those who are currently unemployed or underemployed but need to earn some extra income and those average salaried employees who are sick and tired of working LONG hours or are an aspiring entrepreneur yearning for more MONEY, more TIME and more FREEDOM.

Attendees will:
1. Learn how to convert your hobby into a business.
2. Learn how to define your market.
3. Learn about how to estimate start up-costs.
4. Discover the characteristics of entrepreneurs.
5. Discover basic mistakes to avoid.
6. Learn about pricing, tracking, and taxes.

To register, please call the office of Continuing Education at 212-650-3850 or visit


Moms-for-Profit and Daughters of Inspiration Collaborate to Empower Tri-State Area Women







For Immediate Release

Moms-for-Profit and Daughters of Inspiration Collaborate to Empower Tri-State Area Women

 Left to Right, Valerie Samuel, CEO and Founder of Moms-For-Profit, Carol Cunningham, President of Daughters of Inspiration, and DOI members Felecia Scott, Karen Terry, Lisa Cousins, Gina Roseboro and Linda Sherrod. [Photo by Airell Frasier]


(MT. VERNON, NEW YORK- January 19, 2013):  The Daughters of Inspiration (DOI)), a Mt. Vernon, NY based Women’s Organization lead by President, Carol Cunningham, is a group dedicated to community affairs. Their latest event held at 40 E. Sydney Avenue, Mt. Vernon, New York welcomed Valerie Samuel, Founder of Moms-For-Profit  (MFP) on Saturday, January 19, 2013 – and  empowered 22 women ranging in age from 21 through 66 with the top three money management and budgeting skills necessary for their future and retirement by telling a story based on her experience with a umbrella. “2013 is a new year, and a new opportunity for women to achieve and realize their dreams”, says Samuel, and the forum has been designed to help women discover and explore ways to become financially self-sufficient.”


Topics explored during the two hour forum were smart goal setting tips, budgeting for needs vs. wants, paying off debt, tracking expenses, investing for tomorrow, planning for retirement, and the cultivation of entrepreneurship. Immediately following the session, savvy women mentors were offered to each attendee wanting to start the 2013 New Year in a new way.


Moms-for-Profit has complimentary copies of Money Management Strategies for Women requesting via the website contact us tab.   Media Packets are available for Press. For more information, contact Moms for Profit founder Valerie Samuel at 212-292-5127 or e-mail



Answers to two of Your Most Urgent Work-from-Home Questions

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If there is one lesson I have learned about being a professional working from home and a professional mom, it is that you have a lot of questions, and sometimes you worry about the wrong things instead of just being yourself and sharing your gift.

Of course, I answer professional moms questions promptly, six days a week, for members of moms-for-profit’s Executive Club!  However, I try to regularly answer reader emails here on the blog two days weekly as time permits.  So I am introducing my monthly mailbag feature starting today.

Here are two interesting questions I have received recently, and my answers:

How do I get new work?

When you join as a Executive Club member of the Moms-for-Profit networking group you will recieve leads from our business developers.

How do I apply for a project?

To apply for a project, you will respond directly to the client listed in the email and follow their instructions not ours.

If you are looking for networking or work from home, home business support, products or services to sell, I encourage you to check out our affiliate sites,, and

Got more mailbag questions?  Leave them below and I will consider them for next month’s mailbag post.

Modern Mom

This has been the best week ever.! All week I have had great conversations with women just like us.  I have learned that bascially we all want similar things.  Sure, some of us want different sizes, and others want different colors – but for the most part we are all concerned with our careers, businesses and family.

Our team of project managers, style experts and pampering professionals are in the process of planning for the Spring those great activities that make life exciting, and those events that keep us talking.

We would appreciate it if you would call, write or email us about what you think is important.  Your recommendations will allow our team to continually plan those exciting events that you’ve shared with us that you adore and love!



We Need Your Help!

WELCOME! to all of our new lifestyle managment club members and THANK YOU! to all of our existing executive club members for your continued support.

Winter is a great time to recharge and renew our commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Our latest survey focuses on how you stay well. Please take the survey, and then call us for a complimentary consultation on how we can help you achieve your new healthier lifestyle managment goals.

You could win two at-will-tickets to our next 2012 New Year New You Lifestyle Management Forum!

Take the poll now!

Small Business Poll: What’s Stopping You from Starting Your Own Business?

[] Don’t know how to start-up?

[] Don’t know how to estimate costs, and time resources?

[] Don’t have a strong team in place to help?

[] Don’t know which idea to launch?

[] Don’t know when to put the business plan down, and take action?

[] Don’t believe you can succeed?

[]  Don’t have the time between work, school, family, and personal tasks to jumpstart the process?

These are some of the many causes that individuals are encountering that prevent ideas from becoming dreams.  If you want help ramping up your hobby, business, or nonprofit organization email or visit our website to learn more


2012 New Year New You MFP Front of Postcard

2012 New Year New You MFP Front of Postcard

Distinguished women in business, corporate executives, and writers share expertise in business, politics, real estate, motherhood, and more…

Special guests include DeAnna D. Rieber, Lamonda V. Williams, Julia Shaw, Sharon Lee Ritchie, Elizabeth Williams, Bonita T. Taylor, and Valerie Samuel

February 4, 2012 (New York, NY)— Moms for profit is introducing its’ Extraordinary Women doing Exceptional Work (EWdEW) segment, and is spotlighting women in business, corporate executives, and authors starting February 4, 2012. The theme 2012 New Year New You will kick off with invited guests sharing their tips, and stories on what is needed to succeed in 2012.

The women selected are exceptional in all areas from career, to community involvement, and family life.
Guests are encouraged to bring and treat other women, clients, or friends to celebrate, and show support for these EWdEW.

All monthly features include standard features such as strategies for managing projects, workplace fitness demonstrations, the style showcase, and a makeup, message or skin care treat along with great food, and fun with diverse women from all cultures.

Moms for Profit, a networking forum started by Valerie Samuel, an self-published author specializing in business and finance is also the creator of the mommy blog, which shares information, resources, and links women, in particular mother’s to smart products, and services that have been made by mothers to other mothers.

Saturday, February 4, 2012 is the upcoming afternoon session where women, mothers, and friends can connect with each other, preview the Spring’s latest fashions, receive makeup or style reviews, enjoy makeover tips, and enjoy a lively presentation on how to incorporate new trends into your existing wardrobe. The event will take place on Saturday, February, 4, 2012 at the Doncaster Showroom (145 West 57th Street, (bet. 6th and 7th Avenues) on the 20th Floor) between 12:30 PM-3:00 PM. Tickets are $25.

Special guests at The 2012 New Year New You – What You Need to Succeed program will include Halstead Property Associate Broker, DeAnna D. Rieber, Sharon Lee Ritchie, President of Humanscapes, LLC, who will provide expert style advice to attendees, and Bonita T. Taylor, Certified Fitness and Wellness Expert. The event will also provide the opportunity for one-on-one personal consultations with these experts:
Sponsors include The Doncaster Showroom, and Humanscapes, LLC.

To register: /e-mail – or call – (212) 292-5127 ###