About Valerie Samuel

Valerie and her son, Jeremiah, on Mother’s Day

Valerie Samuel, author of “The Balancing Act: A Mommy’s 8 Step Guide to Raising Children while Birthing a Business or Increasing Your Income” is a sought-after expert in the field of business development. An author of multiple guides and workbooks, respected professor, and a woman committed to serving the moms-for-profit community, Valerie is a model community activist. Samuel is a homegrown New Yorker, but her roots are deeply entrenched in the Georgia soil. This working mother has built her business sense from hard work and dedication; with a willingness to do the little things to manufacture success. With days that start long before the sun treks across the sky and long after it sets, Valerie has anchored herself with a fine balancing act of a family and successful career.

As the founder of her business advisory group, Valerie’s career in the business sector came from her self-worth and willingness to accept nothing less than her value. Valerie started out in the communication industry and being that her skills weren’t fully utilized, she followed in her father’s footsteps by becoming an entrepreneur.With her love for communications not fully extinguished she decided to merge her talents and passion. Valerie incorporated radio and television with business and finance, which led to a dynamic media personality with broad experiences.

In her more than 20 years in the business and financial sector, Valerie has mastered the skills needed to succeed and is now expanding her brand. Prior to launching her internet radio show Valerie’s Money Talk, which aired for two years on Blog Talk Radio, Valerie also hosted the Master Builder’s Radio Show for four years on WTHE 1520AM. Her plans for the future include securing sponsorship to produce the program Moms-For-Profit; which is targeted at boosting profits for and launching small businesses owned by mothers, and marketing products made by moms for and to moms. You can private message Valerie via Instagram, and attach a photo of your products or simply follow Valerie now on her biz-with-valerie Instagram page to see what she’s up to lately.

Valerie’s expansion doesn’t stop at the airwaves or the Internet; she is also available for speaking engagements. She will draw from her background of writing business plans, designing marketing plans, project management and financing to turn hobbies into successful businesses. She knows the intricacies of the financial market and with her knowledge and your grit, your dream can also become a reality. Her experience has lead to the penning of Framework One a project management system for businesses, which is designed to help professionals. Including her latest book geared towards moms Valerie has written two other pocket-sized books. Valerie has also trained over 25,000 business owners and project managers.

In addition to her many personal projects, Valerie was recognized for her contributions on Black Enterprise business magazine, and work with hosts Shon Gables and Alfred Edmond, along with her interview in Essence Magazine on balancing life, family, career, with a particular focus on healthcare. Valerie also focuses her attention to the leaders of tomorrow as she serves as an adviser to the August Martin High School Communications Arts Academy where they are “Creating Endless Possibilities Through Imagination and Technology, and in her role as a volunteer for the Church of the Masters Federal Credit Union!”

Valerie Samuel proves you can have it all; even over 40. You can hire Valerie to moderate your events, manage your projects or support her products by visiting her website for more details at www.allboroexpeditor.com, or by calling 917-686-3018 or emailing info@valeriesamuel.com.

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  1. Thanks Louise for the kudos. When Essence Magazine offered to include my story about the challenges facing busy moms like myself and then actually provided the resources necessary for both my mom, and I to get back on track, I loved the magazine even more. In fact, during the photo shoot for the Health Intervention story, I could not help but to be thankful because, mom was really getting the expertise she needed from motivated Doctors; all willing to help she and I achieve the goal of stayingn healthy and eating right!

    While sharing this story with a dear friend, she says that she also admired what I did for my mom because it really does take a village to raise a child, especially when you are balancing the birthing of a business (www.valeriesamuel.com), managing a family and raising children, like me.

    The Health Intervention article can be found inside the January 2011 Essence Magazine or you can visit Essence.com and see the video. It is a must read for any business person or mommy trying to Balance it all!


  2. Posted by Shareen King on April 25, 2011 at 11:21 am

    Hello Valerie… my name is Shareen and I’m a producer at the Nate Berkus show. I’m currently working on a segment to help moms who have a large family and have a small space. I would love to chat with you about this segment please feel free to email or call me.
    Shareen King 212-975-0856 or sking@thenateshow.com


  3. Hi Shareen,

    Thanks for visiting our site. If you are still producing topics relating to busy career minded moms, let’s talk soon!


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