Living on purpose: What’s your why?

Yesterday I was out with the kids after school, and found myself trying to convince them that school has a purpose, and that they should take it seriously because of it’s importance. Suddenly, I hear one mention the “Massive college admissions cheating scandal [that] snares Hollywood stars Lori Loughlin, and Felicity Huffman.” It’s true, I said: they did try to “fabricate profiles for their kids.

This was not sufficient because the kids figure, why study, if other kids are going to go to school just because….and not have to study, because of bribes. I said, “good point”, and then I went on to explain the “what if” factors that go along without living on purpose and being able to count, write, think, and even lead by example.

Living on purpose is vital to a thriving economy, and cheating, and trying to get over isn’t the answer for those wanting to contribute to our world, and share our skills, verses those that are self-serving and losers. My why is to raise kids that are excited about life, learning, and contributing their talents, and gifts to the world – expecting FAITH to make it happen for them and keep them living on purpose.

In my world stories are important, and this is my story! I’m eager to hear your story – because your story matters too. Send me a note sharing what’s your WHY! I would love to hear from you today.


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