Growing Pains: How do you handle those teen age years?

It’s amazing how time flies. I’ve often been told that the teenage years are more challenging then the terrible twos, however, in my case time will tell. It’s both exciting to see your children grow from a baby needing everything from you – into a teenager needing less from you, but bringing all kinds of challenges to you.

I’ll be the first to tell you that kids change, and it’s not an oddity. I recall when I was becoming a teenager, and the challenges I put my parents through – oh my my. I’m hoping going through this stage is not as much torture as I put my parents through.  In the universe – you get what you put out, so I’m going to pray for a miracle.

How are you navigating the teenage hormones, attitudes, and growing pains? I certainly do look forward to hearing your story – as you know, in my word – all stories matter.

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