Growing pains: lighten your load

Multi-tasking is not a option for many of us – it’s a requirement. I’ve been on roller skates this entire week, dashing to this event, and finishing this work, grabbing dinner, and now we’re here at Thursday, and I’m still looking at about 100 tasks that need to be completed – TODAY.

Most of the moms I encounter daily are also running around trying to do it all, just because in many cases there isn’t anyone else to help or they don’t know how to find the help they need when they need it most.

Just recently we sat down with 50 people (MEN TOO) to ask them about what they are doing to lighten their daily load, and the one main thread we keep hearing was a four letter word – HELP!. We’re proud to say we’ve done just that!

We’re Here Helping You Lighten Your Workload

Spare yourself the hassle of running errands by hiring expert personal shoppers, clerical workers, and event coordinators in North Bergen, New Jersey, and New York City. You can count on our team to handle all your personal tasks, so you can focus on more important matters. Whether you need to meet contractors for inspections, buy groceries, write cover letters or proposals, or throw an intimate party, we have you covered. Contact Valerie directly via email @ or telephone @ (855) 460-7376 for more information about our concierge services!

We look forward to hearing your story – in our world – all stories matter!

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