Family Time: How important is it to you?

Yesterday was a great time for us as a family. We decided to grab mom, and a few friends, and head to a game – just because we wanted to do something fun TOGETHER! The game was exciting, and the atmosphere was great. We were able to see many other families that seemed to be having just as much fun as we were. What was most exciting is that we were together, and away from the television, Xbox, and mobile telephones.

Our conversations were with one another, or the people beside us, or in front of us. It felt great talking to people in “REAL-TIME” instead of via text, instagram, facebook, or twitter. We all had time for each other, and we enjoyed the idea of socializing, even with people we didn’t even know.

When is the last time you just decided to go out just to be away from the normal routines, and enjoy the family? How important is carving out time for family fun to you – despite the fact that you’re probably just as pressed for time, as all of us? I welcome the opportunity to hear your story – in my world, all stories matter!





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