Are you having fun?

Today I went to church, and heard a great word. Our Pastor is a dynamic man of God, who believes in the bible, and his lesson to the members today was presented in question form: He asked the members, “Are you having fun?” This message was so inspiring to me, and from the applause during, and at the end of service, it was just as relevant to other members, as it is to me.

I’m glad to say “Yes” I am having fun, living the life I love, and I am living my life the way I want to live. It’s not always easy doing the work required, including raising a family, making the sacrifices required, keeping a household clean and neat even when I’m pressed for time, being a role model for our children, and a ideal citizen, however, I intend to continue to find the joy, and laughter in living a life based on purpose, with a plan of action, that includes FUN!

How about you? Are you having fun? Are you living your best life? Are there things you need to add to your daily routine, including prayer, and reflection, exercise, or fun? Are there places you need to visit, or people you need to see, or family you need to Do you have ideas that you need to get on paper: in my case, I’m now updating my next book on Balancing Work, and Life, even though I’m sincerely pressed for time.  I’d love to hear your story – in my world – all stories matter!

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