Hip Hip Hooray: The Government Re-opens for 3-weeks

The government reopens until February 15, 2019. It’s unclear if people will be stress-free, but I’m sure many federal workers, government contractors, and families are glad there is a promise to give all those impacted, including myself, as a government contractor, our back pay.  I’ll admit, I am totally looking forward to collecting those dollars, and putting them into my wallet, and holding on to them.

Not only people with government contracts, but, those employees of the federal government, all have to reexamine: how we work, what we spend, how much we spend, and ask, should we spend, before we spend. These last two weeks have been a true balancing act for people, families, and the country.

Thankfully, it’s a sign of relief for many in my family, which have been impacted, and strained financially. We all must stay focused simply because according to CNBC.com “President Trump announces [only] a short-term deal to reopen government.” What’s your plan for moving forward over the next three weeks? Are you planning to do something differently, or better, or do you think this furlough is just a hiccup that we can put behind us?

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