Balancing Business and Parenting: Who needs me more?

Have you ever craved more time? Have you ever felt like there just arn’t enough hours or days in your week? Today is one of those kind of days for me.  I need to work all day, and night to meet upcoming deadlines, however, the time is better spent (I think) helping with homework, and upcoming tests.

It’s a tug-of-war in my home. Trying to do it all requires twenty-five hours (I think) and eight days (I think) a week. I often ask myself, “what’s really important here?” Is building a sustainable business with a solid succession plan a priority, or is being there to do homework, and be the designated driver to school, and to all of the after school activities the real goal?

I love working, and I love the family life, however, balancing each piece of my day is complicated, because both demand more time. Am I selfish to have snacks ready, and leave the kids to do their own homework, so I can continue working, or does it make more sense to stop what I’m doing, take the time to do everything else, until the point of exhaustion, and then just fall asleep until tomorrow.

Is guilt a part of your day when situations like these arise? What’s your remedy for this situation? I do look forward to hearing your story – it matters!

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