Is it time to get back to the basics? Outside the house is good fun, and exercise.

It came to me today, that there is a need to make a choice about keeping the kids busy. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all busy in my family, but each of us is what society may call “obese.”I’ll admit we’ve all got to push away from the table, and get outside to exercise, or just explore, instead of just staying home, watching television, playing with the mobile telephones, or trying to arrange a date via online chat rooms.

It’s easy to get out of shape, and let yourself go, or forget to remember, that life is worth living, and exploring new things, people, and challenges. However, l living in the age of convenience, you can have ingredients just by picking up the telephone, or dinner can be prepared, already cooked by 6:00pm. There isn’t a need to go shopping, when services deliver anything, almost, anytime, to your door,!  This is most certainly a convenience for many of us, and I’ll admit, I love to order in, but my question again, “is it time to get back to the basics?”

How much is too much, and what are we robbing our kids of when we order in, or grab take out seven days a week? And of course, there is that other major issue, many moms, and families have to tackle – most of the children do not have a need to go outside and “play” or “socialize” with other kids, because of all of the electronic games, and devises at home. Could it appear “normal” to simply go to work or school, order in or grab take out, and then resume home to plug in, and tune out?

My question to you, “Is it time to get back to the basics?” I remember a time when I knew everyone on my block, because we were told to go outside and “play.” Today, I rarely see kids outside, not even walking their dogs. Is this normal? Are we helping our kids by keeping them from stretching themselves, and learning how to meet other kids, do chores, do some push ups, or simply just go out and “play?” Would you consider yourself overprotective, controlling, or just simply creating a nice little cozy, and convenient environment to avoid your child/children from having to “want for anything?”

I look forward to hearing from you!




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