What’s your tip for getting it all done: 2 tips on staying motivated!

Prior to starting a family, I led a busy life. Once I decided to start my family, my life got complicated, crowded, and days started flying by.  Fast forward, it’s been 12 years, and truth be told, my life is just as complicated, crowded, and days are still flying by. I feel like I need twenty-five hours, and eight-days a week to really get things done, especially, those things for ME!

Being productive isn’t always easy, and I have felt like doing NOTHING plenty of times when a window opened up, and when those windows occurred to do nothing – that’s exactly what I did – NOTHING. I know – I’m only human! However, when it’s time to be productive, and there is absolutely no wiggle room, here are two quick foundation tips I use to stay motivated, be productive, and achieve whatever goal is at hand:

1. I read something inspirational: Reading is soothing to me when I have time. It’s usually nothing long, but rather short in nature, such as a favorite scripture, or a affirmation.  This works for me.

2. I recharge by going to the gym for fifteen minutes: This helps me to take my mind off of the issue, project or goal, and focus on me, and more importantly, it makes me feel better, especially when I work up a sweat.

What’s your answer to getting it all done?






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