About Permit Place
For those experiencing the boom in business due to Universal Pre-K, you may find a need to expand your facility to increase the square footage of your current child care center to make room for all of the new students whose parents are eagerly awaiting to enroll their children.
Structuring a day care loan historically has had a few challenges and packaging it to obtain the SBA guarantee can be ever more challenging. However, if you’ve decided to ride the wave and now you’re ready to prepare for the expansion, here are a few pointers you may want to consider:
1. 90% financing is available which helps save money for other investments.
2. Favorable 25 year terms are available to cover project costs.
3. If some or part of your school has been designated as a ‘Green’ facility, you may qualify for SBAs green initiative and you may be eligible for more money.
4. All loan terms are fixed without any balloon mortgages which may bring anxiety.
5. Private for-profit schools may also quality if the school does not have a religious curriculum.
SBA loans work for child care center owners needing to expand existing facilities. SBA loans are also available for newly formed operators of child care centers, pre-schools, private schools and even Montessori schools.

Apply for a Child Care Loan
With the right experts advising your team, applying and securing a SBA guarantee for a child care center may be a lot less complicated. Our team of professionals will help save you time by assisting you and your advisors with putting together a comprehensive loan package including tax records for the child care center or new borrower, along with your growth plan, financial projections including 36 months of projected cash flow along with all specified documents lenders require!

You can get started today! To explore your options call to speak with our SBA associates directly by calling (855) 460-7376 or visit the website to request more information. Or ,if you are ready to start a fundraising campaign-visit to request your complimentary telephone consultation.Print

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