Captured Moments: Enjoying every moment.

It’s Good Friday, and it feels like a good day.  Today, in my time of reflection I had a revelation and it felt really good! The time is allowing me to pull out photos, look at videos and it’s amazing how times fly. Ten years ago seems like yesterday and I’m surprised how the times have changed and are changing. In fact, my entire outlook on how to move forward has changed, and I intend to cherish and capture every moment.

Time does not wait for anyone one. I remember given birth and the photos are amazing. I remember taking pictures capturing every stage of the growth process and the photos are also amazing. I remember the baby steps, the first words, and everything in between and it’s an amazing experience as I am sure you would agree.

How are you feeling today? How are you capturing each of those special moments of your family, and children’s lives? How will you capture today’s moments? Your story matters, and it is my hope that you will share it by commenting on this post.

Have a Good Friday and a Good Day Enjoying Capturing Moments.


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