Moms-for-Profit and Daughters of Inspiration Collaborate to Empower Tri-State Area Women







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Moms-for-Profit and Daughters of Inspiration Collaborate to Empower Tri-State Area Women

 Left to Right, Valerie Samuel, CEO and Founder of Moms-For-Profit, Carol Cunningham, President of Daughters of Inspiration, and DOI members Felecia Scott, Karen Terry, Lisa Cousins, Gina Roseboro and Linda Sherrod. [Photo by Airell Frasier]


(MT. VERNON, NEW YORK- January 19, 2013):  The Daughters of Inspiration (DOI)), a Mt. Vernon, NY based Women’s Organization lead by President, Carol Cunningham, is a group dedicated to community affairs. Their latest event held at 40 E. Sydney Avenue, Mt. Vernon, New York welcomed Valerie Samuel, Founder of Moms-For-Profit  (MFP) on Saturday, January 19, 2013 – and  empowered 22 women ranging in age from 21 through 66 with the top three money management and budgeting skills necessary for their future and retirement by telling a story based on her experience with a umbrella. “2013 is a new year, and a new opportunity for women to achieve and realize their dreams”, says Samuel, and the forum has been designed to help women discover and explore ways to become financially self-sufficient.”


Topics explored during the two hour forum were smart goal setting tips, budgeting for needs vs. wants, paying off debt, tracking expenses, investing for tomorrow, planning for retirement, and the cultivation of entrepreneurship. Immediately following the session, savvy women mentors were offered to each attendee wanting to start the 2013 New Year in a new way.


Moms-for-Profit has complimentary copies of Money Management Strategies for Women requesting via the website contact us tab.   Media Packets are available for Press. For more information, contact Moms for Profit founder Valerie Samuel at 212-292-5127 or e-mail



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