Answers to two of Your Most Urgent Work-from-Home Questions

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If there is one lesson I have learned about being a professional working from home and a professional mom, it is that you have a lot of questions, and sometimes you worry about the wrong things instead of just being yourself and sharing your gift.

Of course, I answer professional moms questions promptly, six days a week, for members of moms-for-profit’s Executive Club!  However, I try to regularly answer reader emails here on the blog two days weekly as time permits.  So I am introducing my monthly mailbag feature starting today.

Here are two interesting questions I have received recently, and my answers:

How do I get new work?

When you join as a Executive Club member of the Moms-for-Profit networking group you will recieve leads from our business developers.

How do I apply for a project?

To apply for a project, you will respond directly to the client listed in the email and follow their instructions not ours.

If you are looking for networking or work from home, home business support, products or services to sell, I encourage you to check out our affiliate sites,, and

Got more mailbag questions?  Leave them below and I will consider them for next month’s mailbag post.

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