Stay-at-Home Entrepreneur: Option or Necessity

Bringing home the bacon in today’s economy is a necessity for most American families according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics  For many families commuting as been the norm.  However, more and more employers and parents are reevaluating their  approaches and expenses.   One such corporation is Wellpoint, formerly known as Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  Management took a practical look and performed in my opinion management, energy and logistic audits for several of their depatments and decided it was just as effective,  productive, and profitable to have employees work-from-home.

Wellpoint is not the only example.  Our own United States government is seriously rethinking budgets, priorities and expenses.  If they see the necessity – shouldn’t we?

There are yet others such as families who are also reevaluating the world-of-work and more and more families are seeing the role as stay at home entreprenurs as an viable alternative that has BIG economic advantages which might I add help to control expenses.

Costs are rising in some cases at the blink of an eye, and that includes those associated with childcare, transportation, and groceries. From my perspective it seems that now is a great time to either cut costs, cap expenses or increase income.  What’s your opinion?  I welcome your thoughts, comments and observations.

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