Family-Friendly Business

Raising children is not the easiest job in the world but it is one that is totally worth the effort.  Coupled with the work involved, it does help when moms, dads, grandparents or caregives have the flexibility to do the job right.

Did you know that according to a 2004 When Work Works Survey from the Families and Work Institute that “79% of all employees — men, women, parents, and nonparents would like more flexibility when it comes to work ” and I agree.

Most of the women we meet monthly at our Moms-For-Profit Pampering, Spa, Makeover, Style and Fun events always share their concerns and/or guilts about not having the freedom to spend more time with their children and I’m no exception to this rule.  Luckily, some companies already have creative options in place that allow their employees flexibility but for those that do not, Moms-For-Profit has some Family Friendly Business products geared to help you create the family-friendly schedule and life you need  that allows more time and flexibility to bond with your children without the stresses of the job, while still earning the income you need to survive in this economy.

Are you looking for a solution?  We’ve got it and it consists of:

  • A Compressed Work Week
  • Vacation by the Hour
  • Flexibility and Productivity
  • Working at Home or from Mobile Office

We have the opportunity today to create the lives we love and want to live and my goal is to help anyone who demands more time for family and more time for the kids.  Is that you?


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