8 Tips to Become Your Own Boss

Last week, I was leading a panel discussion at the Cuny University of New York at CUNY Hunter and sharing eight tips to becoming your own boss and making money doing what you love.  Here is a snapshot of what I shared with my audience below.

1.  Make the decison to do it.  If you need flexibility and freedom to raise your childeren then you should by all means create the life you love and want to live.

2.  Get the help that you need.  If you know that you could use the help of someone that may be able to coach you along then by all means you should retain their expertise.

3.  Take a small business assessment.  If you are unsure of the characteristics necessary for the start up of a small business then by all means you should complete the assessment and find out some of the key skills necessary for starting and operating your own business.

4.  Determine the right business for you.  If you are an expert in one particular field and you are passionate about sharing your expertise with others then by all means do so.

5.  Get the training that you need.  If you know that there are some areas that you may need to brush up on or become familar with to successfully own and operate your business and manage your employees then by all means enroll into a continuing education program.

6.  Decide on what you will market. If you know that your customer requires quality, service, convenience or is price conscious then by all means adopt the mindset that you will need to service and keep your customer.

7.  Develop a Business Plan.  If you want to start a business then it is a great idea to write down the steps you will need to take and the money you will need to implement all of the steps.

8.  Read the Balancing Act:  A Mommy’s 8-Step Guide to Birthing a Business While Raising Children.  If you want more tips and insight that I have gained during my experience then by all means buy the book!

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