Happy New Year

This is going to be your best year ever in  2011.  Would you agree?

One of my students asked me “Professor do your New Year resolutions include?”   
Getting a new start   
Setting yourself apart   
Making life easier   
Reinventing yourself   
Increasing productivity

Making more money   
Taking your business/ organization/profession/career to another level  

Becoming part of a winning team?   
I shared that since I was already on the right team, my only goal was to continue getting better atbalancing my family, health and business because these are the core concerns for me.  What are yours?  What really matters this year?  Well, I actually share with you how I am doing it all in my book, The Balancing Act:  A Mommy’s 8 Step Guide to Raising Children While Birthing a Business and in my most recent Book:  The Balancing Act II, Your Game Plan for Doing it All!  Have you picked up your copy?  If you have not picked up a copy for you, your friends, family or coworkers, you should.  Here is how, call (212) 292-5127 or email me at sales@valeriesamuel.com and order yours today.

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