The Balancing Act, by Valerie Samuel

The Balancing Act, by Valerie Samuel

The Balancing Act, by Valerie Samuel

This book offers tips, ideas and pointers to mothers who want more time to bond and share with children and family and offers entrepreneuring as an alternative approach to earning income while balancing a hectic schedue. Advice includes managing chores, caring for children, arranging dropoffs and pickups, coordinating household shedules, preparing meals and budgeting.

This book highlights:

  • Moms-for-Profit: Methods and strategies are provided to guide mommies through the process.
  • How to Be a Great Mom Without Giving up Your Passion: Mommies’ stories about how leaving the kids and going to work is better than staying home and missing out on the things money can buy.
  • The Top Three Mistakes Mompreneurs Make (And How to Avoid Them): Lessons shared about how to avoid the key areas that will halt the dream.
  • How to Give Your Family and Your Business the Time they Deserve: A full discussion of why it is important to balance work, family, life and the dream.
  • How to Build a Business that Works for you While You Spend Time with Your Family: A full comparisonof bricks and mortar versus information technology and how to link the two to work for you.
  • Generating Income while Working From Home: A full exploration of how to go about gaining flexibility, additional income sources, and creating the life you want and need while raising kids.

3 responses to this post.

  1. My two children, Francisco and Olivia are my inspiration every day. Not just as a mother, but as a woman and an individual. They remind me of the joys that life has to offer and that it is never to late to achieve a goal(s).

    Being a mother is a full time job in itself that I enjoy full heartedly. But with this great enjoyment there is also the balancing act of keeping a job and being able to be involved in their lives. Every minute, every moment of every day!

    This is why the demand for woman of today to have a flexible work schedule is on the rise! Our services offered by our dedicated woman/mother’s is something that should not be looked down upon!

    Please take a moment to look over this brochure with an open mind, and the willingness to give these woman the opportunities they deserve at the same time making your company, or department run a little easier!


  2. Hi Valerie,

    We are on the same page when it comes to our desire to be there for our children. I thank you for your post and look forward to working with you by devising a program to assist you with carving out more time for both you and your children.


  3. Thanks Louise,

    I know that moms must work, yet I realize the necessity of flexibility! I know what it is like to have the bills knocking on the door, have the pressures of a boss who is not understanding and have the demands of a family, both extended and immediate.
    And, quite frankly, this is why I wrote my book: The Balancing Act: A Mommy’s 8 Step Guide to Birthing a Business and Raising Children, because I want to introduce option’s to mom’s. Mommy’s need options, because our children need us, and if I can coach a mommy entreprenuer, or help a mother become a entreprenuer, or simply find some extra income to allow the flexibility ___ I WILL!


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