Why not you?

Here are several questions I find helpful for you to ponder!

What would your day look like if you did not have to work your job to cover your day to day expenses? What would you do if you had the opportunity to live the life you love, and want to live? What would you do if you could wake up every morning, and have time to sit by the window and read a good book, take a walk with a friend, exercise, or volunteer your time to a needy charity?

Being financially independent, having flexibility, and the freedom to carve out your own schedule is a right we all deserve, especially moms that are taking care of the children, the home, the family, and for many of us, we’re also managing or growing our careers. I’ would like to leave you with these questions to ponder: The first question is for you to ask yourself why do I do what I do? The second question is why havn’t I leaped out on faith to see how the dream will play out? The third question I would love to ask you in person, but since I cannot, why don’t you stop everything and start today, making a change in your life, doing the things you want to do? Lastly, I just want to remind you that we are in the 21st century – and the time is right!

Having a good plan isn’t easy, but with a coach that helps you have fun we all deserve while outlining your goals, and you can choose from our many coaching packages- it’s a lot easier! I hope I can help you create the life you love and want to live – because in my world – all stories matter – and I’m looking forward to sharing your story!

Living on purpose: What’s your why?

Yesterday I was out with the kids after school, and found myself trying to convince them that school has a purpose, and that they should take it seriously because of it’s importance. Suddenly, I hear one mention the “Massive college admissions cheating scandal [that] snares Hollywood stars Lori Loughlin, and Felicity Huffman.” It’s true, I said: they did try to “fabricate profiles for their kids.

This was not sufficient because the kids figure, why study, if other kids are going to go to school just because….and not have to study, because of bribes. I said, “good point”, and then I went on to explain the “what if” factors that go along without living on purpose and being able to count, write, think, and even lead by example.

Living on purpose is vital to a thriving economy, and cheating, and trying to get over isn’t the answer for those wanting to contribute to our world, and share our skills, verses those that are self-serving and losers. My why is to raise kids that are excited about life, learning, and contributing their talents, and gifts to the world – expecting FAITH to make it happen for them and keep them living on purpose.

In my world stories are important, and this is my story! I’m eager to hear your story – because your story matters too. Send me a note sharing what’s your WHY! I would love to hear from you today.


Growing Pains: How do you handle those teen age years?

It’s amazing how time flies. I’ve often been told that the teenage years are more challenging then the terrible twos, however, in my case time will tell. It’s both exciting to see your children grow from a baby needing everything from you – into a teenager needing less from you, but bringing all kinds of challenges to you.

I’ll be the first to tell you that kids change, and it’s not an oddity. I recall when I was becoming a teenager, and the challenges I put my parents through – oh my my. I’m hoping going through this stage is not as much torture as I put my parents through.  In the universe – you get what you put out, so I’m going to pray for a miracle.

How are you navigating the teenage hormones, attitudes, and growing pains? I certainly do look forward to hearing your story – as you know, in my word – all stories matter.

Did you know? Your time is valuable.

Earlier today, I was speaking with a friend, and she was sharing a story that peeked my interest, and thus I’m going to share the story really quickly – because I’m pressed for time, like many of us.

She was speaking with her significant other, and he under valued her work as a stay at home mom, and adjunct professor. He stated that his work was more physically, and mentally exhausting. She noted that she has physical chores, and mental challenges also, and what’s more her day is about 16 hours daily.

They went back and forth, and of course each trying to say that they both are working hard at caring for the family, and maintaining the commitment of love for each other. Ultimately, regardless of what your situation is, or your story – all stories matter when you’re doing your part. I welcome the opportunity to hear your story.

5 common excuses moms use when halting the flexibility needed & deserved.

What’s really holding you up from reorganizing the way you do things?  You work hard to keep your household going, and you should take a moment, and pat yourself on the back, or better yet, carve out time to pamper yourself, however, DID YOU?

A closer look at excuses that prevent you from getting up and doing something different:

  1. “It’s too late to start a business because I have kids.”
  2. “I don’t have the money to pay for a babysitter.”
  3. “I don’t want to start something and get stuck.”
  4. “I don’t have any clothes that I can fit anymore or my wardrobe is out of date.”
  5. “My schedule does not allow me to take on any more responsibilities.”

I’m really interested in hearing any excuses you have rolled out in the past that keeps you obsessed on everyone else BUT YOU. As you know, if you are a constant reader of my blog, all stories matter – and I welcome the opportunity to hear your story.

What are you cooking up this Valentine’s Day?

If you’re anything like me, you probably want to avoid the long lines, heavy traffic, and short tempers, all in an effort to celebrate Valentines Day. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the holiday, and everything Valentines Day represents, however, when it comes to all of the extra – like making reservations, getting dressed up, and everything following – I’ve decided to keep things simple this year, and get back to some basics.

This year, I’ve decided to get back into the kitchen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I want to show my love by creatively cooking up some good food. Truthfully, many times my food I’m cooking up (when I do cook) tastes better than the restaurants, and it’s healthy, and I can be in the comfort of my own home, all dressed up, or in lounge wear – with make-up of course!

What’s your plan? In my world – all stories matter, and I sure would like to know how you plan on celebrating the holiday of LOVE!!! Take a moment, and share your story.

Hello – would LOVE your help

Yesterday I was super nervous and super excited. You see, I flew back to NYC this week from a meeting with an entire sales team of a publishing house – who’s interested in publishing my book. Balancing Act III: Lessons Learned, this fall.

During the meeting, one of the sales reps asked me how folks in my community have applied the Balance Act philosophy into their daily lives. Honestly – the first two series in the Balancing Act Series of books was one of the most important things I’ve done in my life, and it was done during a very special time in my life.

This book is important to me, and it’s actually quite hard for me to ask for things (I’m working on it) so thanks for allowing me into your inbox -here’s my question for you: can you share your story about some of the lessons you’ve  learned in life, with parenting, with career, or anything that’s required discipline, focus, and balancing life, family, and career.

I really need to hear your story – in my world all stories matter – and are worth sharing those lessons learned!

Harnessing Your Emotions: How do you control what you’re saying?

What kind of example are you setting: Have you ever thought about how your child or children look at you when you’re “handling conflicts, resolving problems, or correcting them?”

Here’s a quick story: One of my friends wasn’t happy with the performance of the child during a game. After the game, my friend forgot all about it was a TEAM sport, and as we all know TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. Needless to say, the team lost again. All season the team has not played well, nor have they won any of the games.

After the game, I was there, and emotions were flying, in fact, the criticism poured out, without any regard that the kid was a kid, and could only play their part of the team. I felt so badly for the child, and really hoped that the child didn’t take it all to heart, and digest the negative, harsh words, and sweeping generalizations.

This morning, while having coffee, I got the call addressing all of my concerns. My friend told me that they felt so guilty about hammering there child, and had cried after thinking about their outrage over the game, mainly when they had not been doing all they could to help with their child’s performance.

How do you harness your emotions? It’s so important to really think about how you’re going to say something, mainly when addressing a child. I told my friend to start waiting 24 hours before saying anything, or try to keep a positive mental attitude if the temptation or necessity for correction is there.  However, I told my friend to stop living through the child, and start letting the child have some fun with teammates, without the explosion.

What would you have told my friend? How would you have handled the situation? Have you ever lost control because you felt the child or children did not listen, and say things you regretted? I welcome the opportunity to hear your stories, observations, and suggestions – in my world all stories matter!

Growing pains: lighten your load

Multi-tasking is not a option for many of us – it’s a requirement. I’ve been on roller skates this entire week, dashing to this event, and finishing this work, grabbing dinner, and now we’re here at Thursday, and I’m still looking at about 100 tasks that need to be completed – TODAY.

Most of the moms I encounter daily are also running around trying to do it all, just because in many cases there isn’t anyone else to help or they don’t know how to find the help they need when they need it most.

Just recently we sat down with 50 people (MEN TOO) to ask them about what they are doing to lighten their daily load, and the one main thread we keep hearing was a four letter word – HELP!. We’re proud to say we’ve done just that!

We’re Here Helping You Lighten Your Workload

Spare yourself the hassle of running errands by hiring expert personal shoppers, clerical workers, and event coordinators in North Bergen, New Jersey, and New York City. You can count on our team to handle all your personal tasks, so you can focus on more important matters. Whether you need to meet contractors for inspections, buy groceries, write cover letters or proposals, or throw an intimate party, we have you covered. Contact Valerie directly via email @ info@valeriesamuel.com or telephone @ (855) 460-7376 for more information about our concierge services!

We look forward to hearing your story – in our world – all stories matter!

Family Time: How important is it to you?

Yesterday was a great time for us as a family. We decided to grab mom, and a few friends, and head to a game – just because we wanted to do something fun TOGETHER! The game was exciting, and the atmosphere was great. We were able to see many other families that seemed to be having just as much fun as we were. What was most exciting is that we were together, and away from the television, Xbox, and mobile telephones.

Our conversations were with one another, or the people beside us, or in front of us. It felt great talking to people in “REAL-TIME” instead of via text, instagram, facebook, or twitter. We all had time for each other, and we enjoyed the idea of socializing, even with people we didn’t even know.

When is the last time you just decided to go out just to be away from the normal routines, and enjoy the family? How important is carving out time for family fun to you – despite the fact that you’re probably just as pressed for time, as all of us? I welcome the opportunity to hear your story – in my world, all stories matter!